Updated: Feb 7, 2021

When Jodie and I created the Mum Boss planners we decided to include the ‘and breathe’ pages for a time to reflect, doodle, write notes, set targets or literally anything you wanted that was something just for you. I feel now, more than ever, the majority of us are feeling pretty fed up and would like something to look forward to. Maybe use the ‘and breathe’ page to write down what you’d like to do when we can get some ‘normality’ back in our lives. For the time being try to stay positive and if you haven’t done so already, try to do three things as much as possible which helps you to relax, focus and breathe. My three things are;


In the mornings, before the children wake up, I do a 20 minute HIIT session followed by 15 minutes of yoga. I feel this helps to wake me up and makes me more motivated for the day ahead. I started this in Lockdown #1 with a couple of friends over zoom but then the cold and dark mornings came and we all lost motivation, so we just stopped it. I’ve recently got back into the routine as I felt my mood and attitude had negatively changed and I had also gained weight, which as we all know has a roll-on effect. I’m so glad I got back into fitness [thank you to Jodie for pushing me and helping me regain focus] as I feel so much better in myself and I’m pleased to say that my clothes size and attitude are getting back on track too. In the evening I do a longer yoga session with two other friends over zoom. I feel we’re each other’s support and have helped each other through the lockdowns with our catch-up chats after our sessions. I still can’t do the splits which was one of my goals, I guess my hamstrings just won’t allow it! I love that my children understand I need this time to chill out and leave me to it, they know that once I’ve finished I’ll be calmer and then it’s time for showers and a story.


Every day we get outside for a walk or bike ride, come rain or shine. We all need it. Getting outside lets you shut off, gives you time to brainstorm, listen to a podcast for inspiration (if you’re on your own) or talk to whoever you’re with. Fresh air has also been shown to help digest your food, improve your blood pressure and maintain a healthy heart. Talking in general is great for your mental health and brings you closer together as a family unit, to talk about your feelings and general day to day goings on is good for the mind. Before Covid-19 I loved my long walks with friends too, whether it was local or a weekend getaway. I do miss them but I know this isn’t forever and I have to embrace finding new routes and new views in the meantime.


I am an advocate for reality tv and I will happily binge watch a series, so please don’t tell me a good one to watch otherwise I will be up untill 1am! We all need a good seven or eight hours of sleep each night to function properly, this has been talked about a lot more lately and now we are multitasking with our own work and homeschooling, sleep is even more essential! I used to get a maximum of six hours sleep a night, I’d get what I needed to get done the next day but, to be honest, if I had those extra couple of hours before, I would have been more productive with my time. I feel so much better for it now, plus my dark circles under my eyes are gradually getting better. I have been switching off between 10pm-11pm to get a good enough sleep before my alarm goes off at 6:10am. I would love to go to bed at 9pm but I feel that the last hour after the children are in bed helps me prepare for the next day and do those odd jobs I didn’t get done in the day.

These are my three things, what are yours?

Katie xx

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