Too soon?

13 days ago you got the dreaded '100 days until Christmas' email from us. Thinking about it,100 days ago I was at my children’s sports day and that still only feels like it was two weeks ago. So, to think there's now just a matter of weeks to go until everything turns magical and our houses are filled with wrapping paper, it makes me want to be as prepared as possible.

You may feel it’s a bit too early for us to be talking about the ‘C’ word but as we prepare for the Beaver & Mole Christmas marketing campaign, It got me thinking about what I could do to get myself ahead, prepared and be less stressed this December.


A loft spring clean some may say. If you’re anything like me I try to avoid the loft as much as possible, so the only time I open it is for Christmas. I often forget I have boxes of baubles and lights and buy more each year, so now I could probably open up a shop with everything I have! So, stop buying and see what you have, those extra pennies could go towards gifts, food or even into the holiday fund for next year.


If you're anything like me, you'll get to December and suddenly pull out a number of gifts that you forgot you bought in August! So, within the box of goodies you find in the loft, see if you have any wrapping paper and start wrapping any gifts you buy now. Then MAKE A NOTE, in our HoHoHo planner of course, of what you’ve purchased and put them away until December.


Send the group chat message out to family and friends now. Find out who’s hosting, where you're going and who’s getting what. When the countdown begins you don’t want to be chasing your tail or double booking / purchasing.


Get things written on the calendar and get booking now. Food shop, hair and beauty appointments, works do’s and meeting Santa with the children. Spread them out so you're not doing everything at once and if you can book now, do it - save yourself that last minute panic of no appointments being available.


If you haven’t done so already, now is the best time to put a little bit of money to one side each week, so you’re not trying to purchase everything on your November monthly wage. I am the worse person for this usually, so this year i've already started saving!

The HoHoHo is our Three Year Christmas Planner and has everything you need to get organised leading up to and on the big day. The bonus is that it lasts for three years, so you can compare notes, see what worked and what didn’t go so well for the following year. Some of you managed to get your hands on our HoHoHo planner last year, so now is the time to start your lists and get organised.

Just think, in less than 100 days, you’ll hopefully have your feet up or be getting ready to party for the New Year!

Katie xx

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