Updated: Nov 9, 2020

As busy parents ourselves we understand the need to be organised, or as organised as you can be with children! So, with that in mind we put our heads together and created a planner that has everything in one place.

If you've never used a planner before it's an exciting feeling and If you’re anything like us you'll love writing in it for the first time. The Mum Boss has five different sections and in this blog, we'll show you how to use each one!

The Week Ahead

This is where you have a full snapshot of your upcoming week, giving you a great overview of your appointments and tasks. We often colour code our week ahead to represent each family member, as we find this helps when looking at a glance as well as stopping the page looking too overwhelming. We also find having a week ahead view helps to balance work and home life, which is so important for your mental health, as well as alleviating the stress that can come with an unorganised week.

Weekly Meal Planner

Meal times in our houses can often be a busy time, especially when nothing is planned. The idea of the meal planner is to remove the stress that comes with deciding what you're all eating each day. Planning ahead is also proven to help save the pennies and reduce the amount of weekly food wastage.

Daily Tasks

This is where you get to write and complete your daily tasks and there's no better feeling than crossing an item off a list! We recommend that you write your daily plan at approximately the same time each day, we usualIy do ours last thing at night [for the next day] or first thing in the morning, when the children are still in bed and you have a moment of calm. We've had so much feedback from customers saying how much the daily planner has helped them de-fog their mind and how they didn't realise just how disorganised they were before. Some of our favourite sections are;

Top 3 Priorities: These are your most important tasks of the day. It's the first section we fill out and the one that feels the most satisfying when we cross them out.

Hydrate: No matter how hard we try, we just don't drink enough water and it's so important to help keep us healthy and focused. As you'll be looking at your daily planner page regularly throughout the day, the hydrate section will be the gentle reminder you need to have another glass of water.

Schools + Clubs: This is where you can remind yourself to pay that school club fee, sign the school trip form or make the science project! Due to the current situation we've been using the schools + clubs section for activities at home and school work, we've tried not to put ourselves or the children under too much pressure.

Expenses: This has definitely helped us curb our spending on the unnecessary daily coffee and cake!

Monthly Finances

It’s so important to understand your monthly finances. By tracking what you spend it allows you to see where you're overspending as well as helping you reach your goals, whether this is saving for a house or planning your dream wedding. It also allows you to see in black and white where you need to change your spending habits and/or look for better deals.

And Breathe.

This is just what it says. These are pages just for you, to write or draw what you want. Take a break, breathe and enjoy some much needed 'you time'

We hope you enjoy using your Mum Boss planner as much as we do!

Jodie + Katie xx

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