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Thanks for joining us on our blogging journey! We thought that our first blog should really be about us, who we are and what we get up to when we're not creating instagram stories, answering emails or delivering our planners to the post office.

We are Jodie and Katie. Two friends who run our own businesses but decided to explore a new venture together during the lockdown of 2020, six months later Beaver & Mole was born.

Meet Jodie

Name: Jodie Weaver [Nickname Weaver Beaver, hence the company name!]

Job: Co-Founder. Social Media Guru / List Maker and Checker / Chief Organiser of B&M

Lives with: Shaun, Hettie (6) Charlie (4), Tiger (The hamster of course!)

Favourite Country: Sri Lanka. After a particularly difficult year, I took myself to Sri Lanka for three weeks. I not only fell in love with the island and the people but I also fell in love with my partner, Shaun. I have such wonderful memories here and we really hope to return soon.

Favourite Memory: The birth of my children. As we get older we definitely start to forget things, but i'll never forget those two amazing [yet long!] days.

Favourite Drink: This is where I should say a classic Margarita [close second!] but it's not i'm afraid. You can't beat a good cup of tea, or brew, as Shaun calls it!

Favourite Hobby: I took up surfing a few years ago and love it, although i'm not very good and definitely prefer surfing in warmer seas.

Favourite Book: Again, this is where I should say The Alchemist or a Jack Kerouac novel [I especially like 'On the Road'] but my favourite books have to be Harry Potter. I first picked one up at a book swap in Thailand in 2001, I had completed the book by the time I landed in Australia and have been hooked since. I could re-read them every year!

Favourite Item of Clothing: I have an old Ralph Lauren denim shirt that was my Mum's. It's so old that I think it can be classed as vintage now, but it goes with everything and I love it. It also reminds me of my lovely mum.

Favourite B&M Product: The pink Mum Boss. I love the colour and I use it every day. I feel less stressed when I've written in it and I feel accomplished when I tick off my to-do lists!

Meet Katie

Name: Katie Mawson [Kates]

Job: Co-Founder. Floral Designer / The Crazy Creative One / Chief of P&P at B&M

Lives with: Fin (11), Ellis (7), Cocoa (Dog), Millie (Cat)

Favourite Country: The UK but New Zealand (South Island) comes in close where my twin sister lives, it's such a beautiful place.

Favourite Drink: A one shot latte. I have one every morning with my breakfast, it’s part of my routine and I feel that I can’t function without it!

Favourite Film:  It's a cliché I know but I could watch Pretty Woman any time, any day.

Favourite HobbyI love going on long walks and hikes. The fresh air, the views and the conversations you have are good for your soul. Plus it's a great form of exercise, without feeling you are exercising! I also love yoga, which I do every morning before I start my day.

Favourite Colour: I love the colour orange. Jodie actually has a stool in her kitchen which is orange and we call it my stool, as it's where I sit [with a one shot latte in hand] catching up on life and work. Being a florist by trade, I work with colour daily and feel certain colours can set a mood and make you feel an array of different emotions.

Favourite Item of Clothing: Blue H&M jeans, I literally live in them.

Favourite B&M Product: I use my navy Mum Boss religiously and I think i'd be lost without it.

Meet Tash

Name: Natasha, Tash

Job: Awesome Photographer

Lives With: Will (Husband)

Favourite Country: Croatia every time. It’s such a beautiful place and the people are so welcoming. The food is incredible!

Favourite Drink: Hot Chocolate with Baileys.

Favourite Food: Veggie Tacos, the ultimate comfort food.

Favourite Hobby:  Painting and pottery or anything messy!

Favourite Book: It’s a series by Robin Hobbs called The Realm of the Elderlings. 16 books of pure indulgence, I read them every year.

Favourite Item of Clothing: Cosy and fun jumpers.

Favourite B&M Product: I’m loving my HoHoHo planner, I feel fully prepared for Christmas already and it's only October!!

Now you know a little bit more about us, feel free to show us your favourite things on Instagram @beaverandmole #beaverandmole

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