We can't believe that it's almost one year to the day since we met in Jodie's garden and started talking about our planners.

It was lockdown #1 and just a conversation really, but as the weeks passed it started to become more of an idea. Knowing we both had our own businesses to focus on, we said from the start we wanted to create something as a hobby, something fun to do during lockdown. Plus the idea of working with your friend on a project sounded like it could be fun.

We started coming up with names, slogans and quotes. ‘Plan like a Boss’, ‘Let’s do This’ ‘CEO of the House’, were just a few but it was MUM BOSS that was the winner.

Now for the company name. We were starting to get excited, so decided to meet for a coffee and a walk to discuss the idea further. The name Beaver & Mole came about on that walk - it's amazing what your mind does when you get fresh air and talk nonsense. Beaver rhymed with Jodie's surname and Katie liked Moles, and that was that. We wish that story was a bit more interesting, but it really did happen on a 30 minute walk!

The next step was discussing colours and branding which, thank goodness, we both have similar tastes so it was pretty easy. Jodie put her very limited design skills to Canva and before we knew it, we had a logo.

We found that we we worked really well together, Jodie is extremely organised and Katie is creative. We put a timeline together and delegated the tasks [original timeline passed]. Lots of late nights and early mornings followed, as we had so much research to do and our aim was to be selling by October - ready for Christmas. Jodie was in charge of sourcing the products and Katie dealt with the packaging side.

The day our first sample arrived was so exciting. There it was, all real and exactly what we imagined. It was a real pinch yourself moment.


Beaver & Mole came alive in October 2020.

We launched a few days later than planned, but looking back at it we can't actually believe how well we stuck to our timeline! When we had our first sale we were straight on the phone, happy screaming to each other. We had managed to stay focused with our hectic lives and create another business within six months, the hard work had paid off.

One day not long after we launched, we had an email from another 'Mum' in business [who we won't name] claiming she owned the trademark to Mum Boss and we had to stop selling our planners right away. To say we were distraught is an understatement. This is probably a complete other blog post though, so to cut a long story short, we finally got our Trademark certificate last month and can now call ourselves the OFFICIAL Mum Boss planner [if you follow us on social media you'll already know this]. This was a BIG day for us, as it had been hanging over our heads for months.

Last week we also hit 1k followers on Instagram, another massive achievement that we're super proud of. It may not seem a big number to many but, for us, it's a sign of how hard we've worked. Those 1000 followers are all organic, we've done little to no advertising [we're on a budget!] so it shows that 1000 people love Beaver & Mole as much as we do.

We are looking forward to our next shipment arriving, which hopefully has now been found and will be with us soon [update: it's arrived!] as well as new products launching later in the year.

We'd like to say a huge thank you for the comments and support we receive, it’s really helped us keep the momentum and improve everything we do. We have both learnt so much during this process and we hope there will be many more years of Beaver & Mole to come.

If you could take one thing away from reading this blog post, especially if you're a single mum, it's that you really can do anything you put your mind to. Ignore the haters, don't be afraid of trying something new and KEEP GOING. Hard work always pays off.

But for now, we're off to celebrate!

Jodie + Katie xx

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