It's been a long time coming, seven months to be precise, but we can finally say that we (almost!) have a new family member. Yes, the Beaver & Mole desktop planner will be going on sale in a matter of weeks!


Where our Mum Boss planners have been designed to organise every task, appointment, project and school activity of the week, our A4 desk planners have been designed to give us a brief overview of the week with a place to note important appointments and jobs - all at a quick glance. Whether it's for your office desk or kitchen worktop, this planner will help keep you on top of 'The Week Ahead'


All of our planners and notebooks have been produced to the highest of standards and our desktop planner is no different. The usual desktop planners that you can purchase from chained stores are often made from thin cardboard and thin sheets, meaning that even though they are designed for a year they very rarely last it. The Beaver & Mole planner is made from a thick backing for longer lasting use and covered in beautiful textured material, available in pink or navy. The design also features gold foil stamping and feature gold screws, for that added touch of luxury.

The planner itself features a whole year worth of weeks [52 sheets] printed on luxury 120gsm ivory paper. As well as space for daily appointments and tasks, there is also room to add 'Notes & Scribbles', such as a reminder for the shopping list or an upcoming birthday.

Whether it's a gift for a loved one or a purchase for yourself, we're pretty certain that you will love our new family member just as much as we do!

Jodie & Katie xx

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